James Sanfordhas been living in Hoboken for over 5 years. As both a homeowner and landlord he is heavily invested in the success of our city. He is the manager of a Procurement Department for a financial institution in New York City.  He manages a team of 6 staff that fulfill the supply needs of 7 locations worldwide. He possesses 10 years of professional work experience in the fields of Procurement, Inventory Management, and Facilities. Lastly, James serves as a Commissioner on the Hoboken Housing Authority board where he helps to, address the needs of low income residents, develop policy and promote accountability.James was Chair of the Hudson County Young Republicans from 2010-2012 and also served as Vice Chair for Northern New Jersey. During that time his team grew the Hudson club and helped start 2 new clubs.  James also lead a team of 15 volunteers from Hudson County to campaign on behalf of Mitt Romney in Cleveland, OH. Lastly, in leading a team of diverse young Republicans he helped to win a majority of seats on the Hoboken Republican Committee.